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Malham: Yorkshire Dales Photographic Walking Workshop 28th May 2016

This new photographic workshop will explore the rich photographic diversity in the centre of the beautiful Yorkshire dales. We will begin by exploring the beautiful woodland and emerald green waters around the magical Janet’s Foss waterfall. With an abundance of spring colours, from the carpet of green garlic flowers, to bluebells and new canopy of delicate leaves that are iconic of spring woodland. Then only a few hundred meters further upstream we will ascend the dramatic canyon that is Gordale Scar, (or as far as you feel combatable with). We will then take in some beautiful Yorkshire Dales scenery on offer ending up traverse the unique limestone pavements, where we will visit some iconic dramatic landscape compositions, ending up on top of the incredibly dramatic Malham Cove. From here it’s a short walk back to the picturesque village of Malham. There is plenty of opportunity to make powerfully graphic compositions. There will be plenty of opportunity to experiment with long exposure moving water, beautiful waterfalls, monotone graphical compositions and I assure you once you visit you will be hooked!

Garlic Forest

What to expect on this photograph workshop?

Wonderful woodland, miles of ancient dry-stone walls, barns, meadows, vivid emerald green water and vegetation in the deep valleys leading up to the beautiful waterfall, ‘Janet’s Foss’. Spectacular water cut limestone canyons, internationally unique limestone pavements, (sight of international interest) and some dramatic compositional locations.


The one day workshop structure -

A typical workshop day often includes tuition on the following subjects; camera set-up, live view and accurate focusing, of field preview, effective tripod setup, shooting manual, bespoke and one to one demonstrations of exposure, metering, and bracketing, focusing, depth of field (known as Hyperfocal distance). The creative uses of both shutter speed and apertures, use of filters, both exposure balancing (Neutral Density Graduated) and creative effects (Polarisers, Neutral Density). Whatever you’re understanding I assure you that I will help you advance both technically and creatively and ensure a bespoke learning experience depends on individual needs or requests.

Composition will form an important part of the workshop as its key to powerful images and there will be demonstrations, critiques and healthy discussions. Some topics we can cover; what makes a good image, the rules of composition, when to follow them and when to break them, how to win camera club competitions, use of depth, scale, texture, perspective, colour and psychology. Other popular topics of discussion include; location planning, lighting conditions, support material and communities, commercial work, Photoshop and, image philosophy.

Limestone Pavements

This workshop main aim is designed to improve your technical and conceptual skills so you can be confident when shooting your own work. Oh yes there is always like minded and supportive fellow photographers for plenty of laughs and enjoyable experiences in wonderful soundings.

Group size: Five places available
Duration: 9am – 6pm (dependant on light and conditions)
Start and Finish Location: Tourist Information Malham
Date: Saturday 28th May 2016
Price: £95pp
What’s included: At least 8+ hours of Tuition, transport on the day, a friendly supportive learning environment.
What's not included: Insurance, transport to locatioon, food and drinks.
Fitness level - Please be aware workshop involves walking aproximally 3 to 4 miles sometimes over uneven ground and limestone pavements, so you will need to be confident in such conditions. That said I always respect an individual’s personal limitations and due to the small group sizes this shouldn’t be a problem. If you need to discuss any concerns and need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to help.



• Camera and spare batteries (ideally a SLR)
• Sturdy Tripod (I have a couple spare if needed)
• Memory Cards
• Walking Boots or Wellies
• Warm waterproof clothing
• Packed lunch, or we can visit local café
• Personal insurance

Optional but will improve the day

• Selection of lenses
• Neutral Density Graduated Filters (I use B+W 3,6 and 10 stop)
• Prints for critiques (over lunch, coffee)
• Camera manual

Considering attending this workshop, you might find this questionnaire helpful

Note: Shortly after booking you will be emailed a pre workshop questionnaire enquiring your experience / to establish you’re learning style / and offer you a detailed itinerary of the day’s events. If you require further information about this workshop please don’t hesitate to email and I’d be happy to help.

Book a Place on Workshop

To book, click on the PayPal button underneath. If you prefer I can take payment from checks, or bank transfer. Just email me and I can give you the relevant details. Payments are routed via PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account to make payment. You can also pay by debit and credit cards via the button. Once your payment has been accepted, your place on the workshop is booked. Please read our Terms & Conditions. By making payment you will be entering into a contract with Jason Theaker Photography and will be bound by these conditions.

Shortly after booking you will be emailed a pre workshop questionnaire enquiring your experience / to establish your learning style / and offer you a detailed itinerary of the day’s events. In addition it recommended that you take out personal insurance to militate against bodily or equipment damage.

If you require further information about this workshop please don’t hesitate to contact me , I’ll be happy to help.