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Lakes III

Do I have to be advanced to come along?

No, because of the small one to one nature of these workshops I can differentiate for learning styles and abilities. There will also be a pre-workshop questionnaire to determine that I structure the workshop to meet the participant’s expectations.

What kind of camera / equipment do I need for these tours?

It doesn’t matter; we concentrate on making images first and equipment second. You can bring anything from a pinhole, to a large format view camera. I use a digital single lenses reflex camera (SLR), with good solid tripod and a selection of lenses, (dependent on how far I have to walk). I'd suggest you bring what you feel most happy with, and consider the type of location and shot you are aiming for.

What happens in extreme weather?

Obviously it would depend on the circumstance, but there is often things that can be done to minimise the discomfort. Shooting in sheltered locations such as forests, gorges, there is always the possibility of bring along the laptops and doing a little Photoshop workshops. Anyway, try not to think of rain as such a negative. Some of my most dramatic shots have been made in harsh weather; it has a tendency to accompany dramatic photographic conditions, which makes for dynamic images. I do however recommend a good waterproof jacket, some leggings, spare cloths, pair of wellies and an umbrella, so the water droplets don’t fall on the lenses. Oh yes a lens cloth too. Obviously we need to be pragmatic about it, but if were prepared then we can minimise the discomfort. If it’s intolerable, (and it’s rarely like that for long periods), we can head for a crit session/ discussions / Photoshop demonstration in a local cafe or pub. If you want to bring prints, books, magazines or even your own laptop along for this, great. Under extreme weather conditions participants will be offered an alternative workshop or rearranged date. This will only apply if the conditions are atrocious and but try not to worry, landscape photography tends to be best approached with an open mind and a passion for the outdoors whatever the weather!

Lakes III

What clothing will I need for safety and comfort?

Walking boots/ Wellies, good rainproof coat (over trousers) gloves, scarf, fluffy pompom hat, you know the kind of thing. Oh yes a torch with new batteries, mobile phone and watch are also recommended.

How many people per group?

For the day workshops it will be a maximum of 5 depending on the location, very occasionally there is 6.

What does the price cover?

The Course fee is fundamentally for the high quality professional tuition. Depending on weather conditions and thirst, we may visit the occasional pub or cafe. The beverages consumed during these visits are the responsibility of individual participants (but please be warned that obviously alcohol and wet slippery rocks don’t mix). Location transport will depend on the workshop, so please see individual workshops for more information on this.

Personal safety, insurance cover?

Landscape photography is a thrilling rewarding activity, but like any activity where you place yourself in dynamic environmental conditions, there remains the marginal risk, (depending on workshop) and although I take every care to ensure participants' personal safety, there remains an element of risk. I strongly recommend insurance cover to mitigate any accidents to persons or property. Please be aware that I take every effort to ensure relevant advice is given in each circumstance, but place the responsibility of personal property and safety on the participants. Please do feel free to decide on your personal level of cover. Some of you may already be covered with car/house/holiday insurance anyway, but by all means take a look at this.

Anything else?

If there is a question you still need answering, please email so that I can make sure everything is clear before you attend the workshop, I look forward to your questions.