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Welcome to the webstore. I use PayPal (and credit and debit cards integrated via PayPal) for payment because it’s trusted and widely used. But I’m aware that many people don’t so if you prefer to send me a cheque, or use Bank transfer please don’t hesitate to drop me a line. I will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.

Something from the Past


I have a selection of workshops that range from one day to weekend. The day workshop offer a small number of participants (3-5) the opportunity to explore the location in depth and learn how to make the best of the conditions. The day will typically be about 7-9 hours. The weekend workshops develop this theme and enables a more considered approach. I have carefully chosen locations for the workshops that I’ve personal longstanding experience of working in. It is my intention to offer in-depth photographic knowledge of the local conditions and how best to develop them photographically. Please see the workshop section for more details.

Limestone Pavements

One To One

I offer bespoke one to one day workshops so you can have my full attention to ensure you achieve precisely what you want from the day. A typical day will be 8 hours of tuition starting to make the most of the time of year and predicted weather conditions. Either dawn or sunset, or in winter both! Please email me for availability and to arrange location.

The Three s

To Purchase a Print

You need to first find the image you want in the gallery then visit the more details button under the image at the bottom right. You can then see the sizes of prints available and buy it with the PayPal button. You are welcome to use a debit or credit card too. I also can do a bank transfer or cheque if you prefer but you will need to contact me in person for this.

My Ego

Cards - Comming Soon

I already licence many of my images for cards, but I’m in the process of developing my own range and these will be coming soon.

Porthchapel Beach

Gift Vouchers

If you want to offer your loved one an experience they will never forget then why not send them a gift voucher? All my workshop vouchers come with a free card and can be used to book any of my workshops.

Elemental Metamorphosis


You can sign up to my tutorials content and benefit from regular tips and tricks ranging from Photoshop workflow advice to in the field camera skills, compositional advice and much more.



I will be offering group themed webinars that deal with different key topics. They will enable you the opportunity to engage in an online environment and asked questions. Topics will range from Photoshop training, compositional advice and critique of work. If you want a personal online webinar please don’t hesitate to contact me for availability and to discuss possible content.

Sandsend Storm


I offer lots of free resources that range from desktop backgrounds, to in-depth Photoshop tutorials. All I as is that you enjoy them and please respect my copyright.