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IN GOOD COMPANY - Whitby, Yorkshire

IN GOOD COMPANY - Whitby, Yorkshire

Last week I ran a workshop in the beautiful fishing town of Whitby, so we decided to make the opportunity to make a holiday out of the week and booked a lovely little cottage a few miles along the coast.

Anyway a couple of interesting things happened. First on the second day of the holiday, I was contacted by a production company to ask for permission to use an image of “Whitby” in an ITV commercial promoting Yorkshire! But not the only ironic thing to happen that day!

Second on the list of strange coincidences happened when I decided to do a little digging around for inspiration for the workshop. I found two of my images 1, 2 on a “Whitby art website”. Now this isn’t something that normally worries me, (because I tend to let charities, and worthy causes use it and of course I licence work too), but this time somebody was offering my work as prints from a shop in Bradford and Whitby! Well let me tell you, the coincidence didn’t end there. I also recognised an image from a friend of mines on the site there too! Anyway I phoned Antony Spencer and in his characteristic enthusiastic nature, he offered to forfit his carbon footprint and drive up from the south coast (5 hour drive) so we could go into the shop and take “Our work” of the wall and walk out! well I must say I was tempted to do this, (I even called Tim Parkin for a chat about it, and he offered to film us both getting arrested for a ‘landscape GB’ news item, cheers Tim (o: ) But, I wanted to go to the shop and get some images of our images on the wall, before we did anything!

The next day, I went down into Whitby to find the ‘shop’, (or so it was advertised on the site) and to my disappointment after quite some time trying to find it, even in listing the help of a local estate agent, there was only a holiday cottage, with prints hanging on the walls! (Yes I did peek through the curtains)... This second shop must have been a cheap marketing ploy to make the site look more impressive than it was!

Anyway, the incident isn’t finished yet, because I’ve sent the guy an email asking for compensation, so we shall see what happens! You may even see an article in the photographic press of Tony and I being arrested for stealing our own work from the shop in Bradford! That said, we are planning a on delivering a weekend workshop in Cornwall in early August, so if you are interested in hearing about our time behind bars (not forgetting the photography) then you can express your interest to either Tony or myself to secure a place!

Just an update: It appears that I have his attention because the images have been taken down (which is what I suspected, so I took some screenshots for evidence, but thanks to Dale Hayter for capturing them with Google cache as well... here and here

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