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FEEDBACK - Timble, Yorkshire

FEEDBACK - Timble, Yorkshire

There is a tendency to take for granted what is familiar and not even see things right in front of your nose. Take this image for instance; because I live in the Yorkshire Dales, I’m surrounded by fields with stone walls everywhere. They are such a fundamental part of the fabric of the dales and because I have spent most of my life here, I forget that they make this part of the world different.

It was a comment on the image I posted yesterday that made me think outside the box, so to speak. Somebody mentioned the ‘rock wall’ in their comment and it stood out so profoundly because they are called ‘stone walls’. Anyway, what this highlighted for me was the way we don’t actually see what is around us. We fall into convenient patterns of thinking and this has implications for our image making, in so far as not working with what is unique about the area you are representing, but more importantly understanding how to see, how to unlock new and work with what you have to make new developments in your own image making.

That said, this is obviously the same scene as yesterday with a different take. Yes the sun has now come up and the mist has passed over so it feels quite different. I don’t usually post multiple images from the same shoot, mainly because I like to try and limit myself to edit the very best work, but this time I felt there were enough changes to justify a posting. Oh and I also just felt like it today!

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